How Much Water Does cactus Actually Need?

How Much Water Do cactus Actually Need?

An easy-to-handle, beautiful desert plant, the cactus is green and easy to grow. After all, who doesn’t want a plant at home that, regardless of how we treat it, probably won’t stop existing? A cactus is a plant that can be incorporated into our home flora. They are usually inexpensive, attractive, and provide us with some greenery. This article will explain all the information you need if you are growing a cactus at home for the first time and are unsure about the water it needs.

As a general rule, you need to water your cactus until water starts to come out of the drainage holes of the vessel. But only when the soil of your cactus is absolutely dry. This depends upon the season. It can take 10-14 days in the hot season, whereas it may take a few more days in the cold season. As cactuses originate in the desert, they are used to being without water for long periods of time. They store water inside themselves and maintain high humidity during droughts or when they are not watered.

The question is, however, is there a difference between the different types of water? And what is the optimal temperature for the cactus when receiving its water? Is the size of the cactus a factor in the amount of water the cactus should receive? I surveyed the subject and came up with an answer.

How Much Water Do Cacti Need?

A cactus needs to be watered your cactus until water starts to come out of the drainage holes of the vessel. On average it means that for small cacti water him with between a quarter and a half cup of water at a time. A larger cactus, especially those bigger than the cacti in the picture below, will need to be watered until water drips from the drainage holes of the vessel. Regarding the question of how much cactus is needed, another element to consider is how often to water the cactus.

small cactus plants that need between a quarter cup and a half cup of water
Here is an example of some small cactus plants that need between a quarter cup and a half cup of water each time they are watered.

Is there a specific type of water or temperature to use when watering the cactus?

As far as watering a cactus is concerned, rainwater is the best choice. However, since it doesn’t rain all year round and you cannot rely on it, filtered water can also be used. When watering our cactus, we should not use cold water but instead water around 30-40 degrees. This is because it is essential to simulate rainwater when we water.
To encourage cactus growth, you must water them with rain or filtered water. Do not water them with tap water because tap water is known for its lower quality and less purity than rainwater or filtered water.

How to water a cactus?

The best method for watering a cactus is to water it from the top of its pot. This method will help ensure you do not overwhelm your plant with water.
Make sure the potting medium is moistened evenly and thoroughly by pouring water slowly over it. Do not pour water over the plant, as if it sits long. It will cause black spots or tip rot on the plant.
After adding enough liquid, it should start flowing from the bottom of the pot. Any water that drains out should be thrown away. Never leave the pot soaking.

A small cactus is watered from the top of its vessel
A small cactus is watered from the top of its vessel

how often should cacti be watered?

On average, cacti must be watered once every ten days to two and a half weeks, depending on the season. The cactus is a plant that originated in a desert where there is little or no water. Because of this, it knows how to store water and moisture inside itself, which enables it to survive prolonged periods of drought. The cactus is a plant whose treatment varies between two major seasons: the hot season and the cold season.

  • In the cold weather, your plants will be dormant, which means that when watering them, you will not have to pay much attention to them during this period. Water them only when the soil is completely dry, even if it takes more than two weeks.
  • Cacti require more watering in the hotter season. During the hot season, the cactus plant blooms and grows, resulting in the soil drying out faster. In addition, elements such as dry air and high altitudes cause the soil and plant to dry out faster, requiring more water. As a result, cacti must be watered every 10 to 14 days during the hot season.

How to check if cactus needs Water?

To determine whether the soil of the cactus has completely dried out and if it is time to water the plant, the soil moisture must be checked using an inexpensive moisture gaugeOpens in a new tab. or a manual test method.

  • If you use a Soil Moisture Meter to test the moisture level of the cactus, then if it reads dry (on the one scale), it is time to water the plant.
  • The following test can be done manually: Put your finger into the soil at least an inch deep (be careful of the thorns on the cactus). If you feel no moisture, it’s time to water the cactus.

Signs of an underwatered cactus

The following signs will help you determine if your cactus is underwater:

  • It is wilting.
  • A yellow or light green color appears on the cactus.
  • The cactus’ base is rotting and turning brown.
  • There is a drooping or withering of the pads.
  • Several of its spines have turned brown or are falling off.

Signs of an overwatered cactus

The following signs will help you determine if your cactus is overwatered:

  • A few of the cactus pads are starting to split.
  • Folds or wrinkles seem to be present on the pads.
  • There is too much moisture in the soil.
  • Brown or black spots appear on the pads and base of the cactus.
  • The cactus appears to be overly plump.

frequently asked questions

Can I mist my cacti?

Unlike other houseplants, cacti do not absorb water through their bodies. Since cacti don’t have leaves, they will not prosper from misting. Misting them will not harm them, and it will not benefit them either.

Can I water my cactus every day?

Watering your cactus daily can cause it to suffer from overwatering, which can cause it to rot and even die.

How often should I water my little cactus?

The soil of small cacti often dries out faster than large cacti, so you should check every week if their soil is dry (according to the test we explained above).


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